Peter says,

Technology Director @ Plumbline

What would you do if you had to merge hundreds of cropped and enhanced photos into a... in projects    for: Ann Getty
This project was an exercise in asset organization and delivery. Since I was working on... in projects    for: Community Coffee
It felt good to work on this project.  Listening to the audio testimonials as we... in projects    for: Blende Dental
We undertook an interesting development task for Empire: Create a CRM for all potential... in projects    for: Empire Co.
The work we do for American Golf spans every discipline and on some days, every... in projects    for: American Golf
Peter Nochisaki
Technology Director
Genuis? Quite possibly. “I bet Peter can do it” has to be one of the most common phrases uttered at Plumbline. Since he stared with Plumbline back in 1999 Peter’s skills and abilities have grown in concert with the web itself. He’s always up on the latest technology and is constantly figuring out creative new ways to bend it to do his bidding. But Peter is more than our technology overlord, he’s also got a great eye for design. So the code we get does as much for our clients’ brands as the design itself.