It's who knows you

It's who knows you

By Dom Moreci

When reflecting on our client list the other day, I was stuck by the notion that a large percentage of our client list can be traced back to about three specific points of origin. The fact that most of our clients come to Plumbline via referral is something we are really proud of.

An example from the early days of Plumbline...

• Rent Net introduced us to CompareNet.
• CompareNet brought us to
• LetsTalk introduced us to The Leap Group.
• Leap Group referred us to SunLink.

Even better is the fact that we met Mark Jordan via Leap Group.
And Mark has been a key part of Plumbline's team ever since. He has also brought great projects into the mix for clients like Webroot, WYSE, Inveneo, and Sonic Solutions.

The Rent Net / CompareNet lineage can be used to trace about two dozen clients since 1999. Among them, DFJGotham Ventures, Peet's Coffee,, and

Then there is Mashery (Oren Michaels) who we worked with on PremierCru and from whom we continue to get referrals and who remains a client to this day (over 7 years). And F.O.P. (Friend of Plumbline) Kathryn Nudleman who introduced us to Gretchen at Ranch Winery - from whom we were passed along to Portalupi Wines, Clif Family Winery, and others.

We also have been fortunate to receive referrals from our old employers and partners. American Golf came from an Addis referral for example. And Ann Getty & Associates came to us via our development partner 42inc - who provided web services to Addis back in the early nineties. Although the Ann Getty connection could also be traced to their long time family friend, Trevor Traina at Compare Net and now Small world indeed.