Bad pictures ruin good meals

Bad pictures ruin good meals

By Dom Moreci

On a recent episode of Kitchen Nightmares, when reviewing a menu, Chef Ramsay said that he has one rule: When a menu has pictures on it, run away. Fast.

The cost-effective and ubiquitous nature of email marketing, digital printing, desktop publishing, and other marketing solutions have unfortunately not increased the level of taste in many of the fine people now employing these communication tools. For some reason restaurants, catering teams, country-clubs and the like seem to think that their audience wants to see they food available at the next event - no matter how over-exposed, unappetizing, or just plain awful the photo might be.

But it's just not true. A bad photograph of even the best tasting food is nothing more than a really great way to keep people away from your table.

You'd be better off with a stock image (lots available for next to nothing) of fresh ingredients. Or by just taking a better shot. Or having no photo at all.