August 19, 2010

Blog is down

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Not a big deal but we are working on a new website - while working for a dozen clients. So we are not updating our blog right now. However we are actively chronicling our exploits on our facebook page at - join us over there and watch for our new site to launch sometime [...]

November 18, 2009

My At&T DSL Nightmare

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Plumbline was kicked out of the Web today.
I dont typically vent via our blog but I just have to say that I’m really really really pissed off at AT&T.
To bring you up to speed, AT&T somehow received an order from someone to shut of my DSL line.
So they just sort of went ahead and did [...]

July 14, 2009

Design in your sleep and get paid! Maybe.

This happens a lot actually and not just to me. Most designers I know have some of their best ideas when they are “off the clock.” My friend James and I would have great ideas at the gym, mountain biking, or most often during a sushi bender (sake is a conduit for creative thinking btw).
The [...]

July 3, 2009

Movie copies Plumbline. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

While surfing random blogs, I came across this poster today for the film “In The Loop” on The poster art reminded me of something… Something familiar… Then it hit me! The cyan. The hand rendered type. The silhouette… It looks a lot like an ad we have been running for Plumbline in some local [...]

April 2, 2009

Bad Photos Ruin Email Marketing

On a recent episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Ramsay when reviewing a menu at a pizza / Italian place in So. Cal said that he has one rule: When a menu has pictures on it, run away.
Now, nothing against Chardonnay Golf Club, it’s a great Country Club. And I hear the food is good - [...]

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